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How safe is the vaccine for pregnant women? New guidelines from the Ministry of Health

Should pregnant women be vaccinated?

Mumbai: The Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines on corona vaccine. There was a lot of confusion about whether pregnant women should be vaccinated or not. “Most pregnant women have asymptomatic or mild illnesses but their health can deteriorate rapidly and this can affect the fetus as well. (How safe are Covid-19 vaccines for pregnant women? Govt issues fresh guidelines). The Center has said that there is no problem in vaccinating against corona.

Safety of Covid-19 vaccine for pregnant women
The ministry said, “Available Covid-19 vaccine is safe. Vaccination protects pregnant women from Kovid-19 disease or other causes of illness. Like any medicine, vaccines can have side effects that are usually mild.

A pregnant woman may have a mild fever after receiving the vaccine injection. There may be pain at the injection site or it may feel uncomfortable for 1-1-3 days.

The long-term adverse effects and safety of the vaccine for fetus and child have not yet been established.

The ministry said that within 20 days after the Covid-19 vaccination, pregnant women develop some of the following symptoms that need immediate attention.

Covid-19 positive mother’s recovery rate
The ministry said that if a pregnant woman became infected with the virus, 90 per cent of them would be cured without hospitalization. Within a few days, there may be a serious deterioration in health.

“Symptomatic pregnant women appear to have an increased risk of serious illness and death. In case of serious illness, like all other patients, pregnant women also need to be hospitalized. It states that those with basic medical conditions e.g. Women with covid-1 to have a higher risk of serious illness. “


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