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How much money can be transferred from Google Pay in a day?

The use of Google Pay, Phone Pe and Paytm increased during the lockdown.

Mumbai: With the advent of smartphones, the UPI payment app is being used extensively. These apps do not require cache. He was also relieved of the hassle of spare money. Payments can be made from Panpatti to the grocery store using the UPI payment app. Also a certain amount is received after each transaction. As a result, many people have turned to UPI payment apps. (How much money can be transferred via Google Pay in a day know answer)

The use of Google Pay, Phone Pe and Paytm increased during the lockdown. Every day many people exchange money through these UPI apps. But many of us do not know how much money can be sent from Google Pay in a day. We are going to find out how many daily limitations there are on the transactions of UPI app.

According to Google Pay’s support page, if a user meets one of the following conditions during the day, his daily limit will be met.

Exactly what the limits are

If you try to send more than 1 lakh in a day on all UPI apps

If you try to send money more than 20 times in one day to all UPI apps …

If you have asked for Rs 2,000 from the front …

Meanwhile, the daily transaction limit for Google Pay and UPI users may vary according to the bank’s rules. If users want to get out of this predicament, they have to follow the following options.

Users will have to wait another day to send more money.

Less money can be sent.

Even after this, if there are obstacles in transacting through UPI, let’s find out what could be the reason behind it.

Bank limit

If you are dealing with less than the daily limit through UPI and are still having problems, try another bank account. There may be some bank rules and limitations behind this. Therefore, even these limitations may hinder the transaction. Contact your bank to learn more about this

Obstacles to transactions for other reasons as well

The benefits of digital payment apps are as great as the risks. A fake call or link can be a financial blow. Transactions can often be canceled or blocked so that users are not deceived. You can still contact Google Support if your transaction is interrupted, even if the daily limit is not exceeded. Also, if you are trading for less than Rs 1, it will not happen. At such times you will constantly err.


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