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How crooked! Tesla’s car ‘Chandra’ understood the signal and started applying brakes

A video that is currently going viral on social media has made the Tesla car a hot topic

Mumbai: Tesla car owner Alan Musk is among the richest people in the world. Alan Musk also has a great interest in space. Also their Tesla cars are famous all over the world. The auto pilot mode in the Tesla car does not require the driver to drive. But a video that is currently going viral on social media has brought the Tesla car into the spotlight.

The auto pilot mode in the Tesla car keeps the car moving automatically without the driver. But the video, which went viral on social media, has sparked a different discussion about the auto-pilot mode in the car. A video of this has been made by a man named Jordan Nelson who lives in the United States.

It so happened that Jordan Nelson put his car in auto pilot mode. But the brakes started to hit like a car. When Jordan Nelson discovered this, he understood the real reason behind it.

As the car drove on, a yellow moon appeared in front of it. Chandra understood the signal and applied the same brakes as the car. Nelson made this kind of video and posted it on social media. Jordan Nelson also tagged Alan Musk in the video, with the caption, “You tell your team exactly how the moon is cheating on your car’s auto-pilot mode.”

In his tweet, Jordan went on to say, “Your car feels like the moon is a yellow traffic signal, and the car is hitting the same brakes.” In the 23-second video, the car brakes 13 times. The video has been viewed more than 9 lakh times on social media.

The Tesla car costs 199 199 for the self-driving feature.


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