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Hitman Rohit Sharma, who earns lakhs of rupees, once did not even have the money to pay school fees

This was a turning point in the life of hitman Rohit Sharma

Mumbai: Mumbai Indians captain and Team India’s star batsman Rohit Sharma is known all over the world as a great batsman. It’s not that no one cares about Hitman’s game. Hitman, who today earns millions of rupees and is known for his batting, once had no money to pay school fees. Surprising to hear, but overcoming such a difficult situation, he has reached the pinnacle of success today.

Indian opener Rohit Sharma, who has been a headache for bowlers around the world, rules the minds of cricket fans with his game. Rohit Sharma has experienced extreme conditions just as closely. There was a time when Rohit, who was born in a poor family, did not have money to pay school fees.

Rohit Sharma is originally from Nagpur. The father was working as a caretaker in a private company. Mother Pournima was a housewife. When Rohit was one and a half years old, his family came to Mumbai from Nagpur. He was living in a small room in Dombivli. Rohit’s younger brother’s name is Vishal Sharma.

Rohit was kept with his grandparents or relatives as he could not bear the expenses of both the children alone. My parents used to visit me during the weekends. Rohit has been obsessed with cricket since childhood.

It was very difficult for Rohit’s father to fulfill his cricketing passion where it was difficult to pay school fees. It was almost impossible. Even in such a situation, Rohit did not give up his dream. He used to discuss cricket with his uncle. Seeing his devotion to cricket, perseverance and determination to do so, his uncle raised money and got him admission in the academy.

Later, Rohit Sharma’s game was watched by the cricket coach of Swami Vivekananda International School and he helped Rohit. Coach Dinesh Lad also arranged for a 4-year scholarship for Rohit. Rohit’s journey from here continues successfully today.


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