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His name was in the list of the dead of the hospital, but not in the list of Yamaraj … Then the mother got a call

The real face of the administration and the mismanagement of the hospitals came to the fore.

Phaltan: Many grandchildren were separated during the Corona period. Many families have said goodbye to someone close to their family. But there are many patients during this period who have overcome this corona virus. These people have returned home refreshed and have started their daily lives. But what if this healed person is dead on the hospital list? The person’s family will be shocked. Because if this person is dead, who is this person who has spent so many days with us? This question will definitely fall on the family.

A similar incident has taken place at Phaltan in Satara district. Here, 20-year-old Siddhant Milind Bhosale, a young man, came home after recovering from a corona. His mother was shocked to hear of the incident.

But after this incident, the real face of the administration and the mismanagement of the hospitals came to the fore. After this incident, District Surgeon Dr. Subhash Chavan has said that he will investigate the incident and take appropriate action.

What really happened?
Siddhant Bhosale’s corona report came back positive in early May. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. He returned home in May and began living his life as usual. Then on June 7, Siddhant’s mother received a call from the health department informing her that her son had died of corona.

The death of Siddhant was reported to his mother by the administration, which has sparked public outrage over the health system in Phaltan. People have so much faith in the health system and if the health system is behaving so irresponsibly then who is responsible for it? Such a question is also being posed.

Dr. When Subhash Chavan was asked about this, he replied that he would investigate and take action. He also assured the people that those responsible in the health system would not be sidelined.


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