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He made a bomb by watching YouTube ….. but he couldn’t do it, then ….

When police searched the bag, they found an electric circuit.

Nagpur: After watching YouTube, young people are doing something or other, but the industry that this young man has done. No one would even think of it in a dream. Because this young man has made a bomb by watching it on YouTube. He then reached the police station as he could not defuse the bomb. But after watching this YouTuber, making a bomb cost him dearly. Nagpur police have arrested him on the charge of making a bomb.

Rahul Pagade, a 25-year-old man from Nagpur, made a bomb using explosives after watching a video on YouTube. But then he couldn’t defuse the bomb, he didn’t know what to do next, so he fought a trick. He brought the circuit bag of the bomb to the Nandanvan police station on Saturday evening.

He told police that the bag was found unattended near KDK Tea Point. When police searched the bag, they found an electric circuit. Also found were a mobile battery, pieces of some wires, a lighter, a bulb and a mobile with a simple keypad. Also on a piece of paper was written ‘I Kill You Nagpur KBMA’. Nagpur police were shocked to see that.

Soon after, the police of Nandanvan police station called the bomb squad. While defusing it, the bomb squad discovered that it had used low-quality explosives. I mean, this bomb is a village bomb. He also informed the police.

Police then checked the CCTV footage at the place claimed by him to find out who did it. But police found nothing in it. Later, the police realized that Rahul must have done all this. So the police started reverse investigation of Rahul.

Rahul later confessed to the police that he had done it himself. Rahul Pagade has been arrested on charges of making bombs and misleading the police. At the same time, an investigation has been started to find out who the message ‘I Kill You Nagpur KBMA’ was addressed to.


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