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Google Chrome Browser Alerts, You Can Make a Mistake ‘

If you are using this feature of Google, update it today, otherwise there could be a big loss

Mumbai: If we want to find anything, we rely on Chrome every time. We use Google Chrome for everything from mobile to PC. Have you updated Google Chrome to your phone or PC? If not, take it today. The reason for this is that Google has sent an alert. So update it immediately or you may be harmed.

There was a small bug in Google Chrome. This error was detected by Google and has been fixed in a new update. Hackers can take advantage of this error. Google has also warned that your data may be hacked. If you haven’t updated Chrome, hackers will take advantage of it.

Your information can be stolen by misusing a bug in an older version of Chrome. This bug has now been removed by Chrome and a new update has been released. Customers need to make this new update urgently.

There are thousands of apps on the Google Play Store. Users download and use this app as per their need. But there are some apps in the Play Store that can give you a big hit. Google has also issued an alert in this regard.

Zscaler’s ThreatLabz cyber security researchers have provided information on 11 apps that people need to be aware of. This app contains Joker Family malware, which is harmful to your smartphone. The Joker is designed to extract people’s information, steal it and monitor SMS.

Delete these apps immediately

  • Auxiliary Message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free CamScanner
  • Super Message
  • Element Scanner
  • Go Messages
  • Travel Wallpapers
  • Super SMS
    -Translate Free
    -PDF Converter Scanner
    -Delux Keyboard
  • Saying Message
    -Free Affluent Message
    -Comply QR Scanner
    -PDF Photo Scanner
    -Font Style Keyboard
    -Private Message
    -Read Scanner
    -Print Scanner


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