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Good news for Mumbaikars: Vaccination will continue as stocks of Covishield become available

Covishield stocks available

Mumbai: The Municipal Corporation had yesterday said that government and municipal vaccination centers will be operational only if the stock of vaccines is available by tonight. Against this backdrop, there is heartening news for Mumbaikars. Stocks of Covishield are available in government and municipal Covid vaccination centers / hospitals for vaccination. Therefore, all government and municipal vaccination centers will start after 12 noon tomorrow, the municipality said.

The stock of covid vaccine available in Mumbai has almost run out yesterday. As a result, 40 out of 73 private vaccination centers in Mumbai will not be vaccinated today. The municipality had also said that limited vaccines were available at the remaining 33 private vaccination centers.

Today, only those who are eligible to take the second dose should come for vaccination, the municipality had appealed. It also said that the vaccination campaign would resume once the flow of vaccines increased.

There are a total of 136 vaccination centers in the municipal area under the Covid-19 Prevention Vaccination Campaign, 63 vaccination centers run by the Municipal Corporation and the Government and 73 in private hospitals. Vaccination has to be temporarily stopped at some centers from time to time due to limited availability of covid vaccine. Since those who take the second dose have to be given priority, the planning is done by the municipality keeping in view the stock of vaccines.

A total of 24 lakh 58 thousand 600 vaccines were made available to the municipality till April 25. Of these, 24 lakh 10 thousand 860 vaccines were used. That is 47 thousand 740 vaccines were left at the concerned center after vaccination till 2 pm on 28th April 2021. Given the speed of vaccination, the vaccine was introduced yesterday.


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