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“Gift recovery fire” from ex-boyfriend took her to jail ….

By now you may have heard or seen burning love letters etc. after a breakup. But what an ex-girlfriend has done is to warn all boyfriends.

Mumbai: There is no greater sorrow in the world for a girl friend and a boyfriend than a breakup. At the beginning of a relationship, all good things begin. The relationship successfully completes 6 months, years. In the meantime, the two give each other lots of gifts. The two fall in love with each other. But one day an argument breaks out between the two and it escalates to the point where there is no alternative but to break up. After the breakup, they both fall apart. Friends start slandering each other. They take back gifts given to each other. But not all are. Some even dispose of the gift well. By now you may have heard or seen burning love letters etc. after a breakup. But it has come to light that an ex-girlfriend set fire to an expensive bike worth Rs 23 lakh which she gave as a gift to her ex-boyfriend. (Ex girlfriend sets fire to Rs 23 lakh expensive bike she gave as gift to her ex boyfriend)

What exactly happened?

The incident is from Thailand. It is understood that X set the bike on fire to avoid a breakup. A video of the 36-year-old X setting fire to his ex-boyfriend’s bike has been captured on CCTV. The name of this ex is Kanok Wan. Kanok used petrol to burn the bike. The ex-boyfriend found out where to put the bike. All planning done. He then poured petrol on the bike parked in the parking lot and set it on fire. Kanok then leaves.

But lighting a bike is very expensive for Kanok. According to LadBible’s report, 6 other vehicles came in contact with the fire while ex-boyfriend’s bike caught fire. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. Also, due to the vigilance of the fire brigade, a major accident was averted.

“We received a report of a fire on the third floor of the parking building of the Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School. Corona did not have any students as the school is currently closed.

Arrested with the help of CCTV

Meanwhile, Kanok has been arrested on the basis of CCTV footage. Kanok has been identified as the ex-girlfriend of a school employee. She is also being questioned by the police.


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