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Freedom 251 is Real or Fake or a Scam | Is the Freedom Phone Fake?

You must have heard about Freedom 251. This is the most sensational news going on right now. After all, why is it in such discussions in 2-3 days? Freedom 251 is real or fake or a scam? This is the world’s cheapest smartphone.

Just saying smartphone will not do, this is the cheapest 3G smartphone which is available in just 251 Indian rupees. This phone was made by a company of Noida, whose name is ring bells. It was launched on Wednesday, and since then people are crazy to buy it.

Freedom 251 Freedom Phone Fake?

Its online registration started on its official website from 6 am on February 18 and every second about 6 lakh people crashed the website instead of accessing this website.

In the end the selling of 18th was unsuccessful. This notice was given in the website that within 24 hours they will improve their server and sell it again. Today, ie February 19, its site is operational, but everything is not working properly. After many reasons I have been able to place an order.

Free Blog aur Website Kaise Banaye?

But for now you do not need to pay. Once you register, within 24 hours they will send payment details to your email address. Earlier there was this option that you can order any number of handsets, but now there is a limitation in that too.

You can place only one order in one email address. This was some news related to Freedom 251, so let’s know about Freedom 251 is real or fake or a scam. Before that let us know what is the specialty of this phone.

Freedom 251 Mobile Specifications

Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop
Display: 4 inches TFT-LCD, WVGA display with 480 x 800 pixels
Camera : Rear 3.2MP, Rear 0.3MP
Processor: 1.3 GHz, Quad Core
Internal Memory: 8GB
Expandable: 2GB with micro SD card
Connectivity: 3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM Radio
Battery: 1450mAh Li-Ion

Freedom 251 is Real or Fake or a Scam?

By looking at all the features given above, you must have come to know how this smartphone is, and it is not a real phone – it is a complete fake phone. In our country where 3G pack is very expensive, it is coming in less than that, so it is a bit difficult to believe on it. India’s cheapest 3G phone is around Rs. Getting around 2000. How can this phone be so cheap out there?

Ritesh Agarwal – Success Story of India’s Youngest CEO

Freedom 251 does not mean that you will get Rs. 251 only, while ordering the phone take Rs.40 extra as a shipping charge. So the total became Rs. 291. You don’t look like this much! For this you have to make payment first, and it is not that you will be delivered within 1 week as soon as you place the order.

The company has said that it will be delivered to everyone by the end of 2016, June. There is neither any login facility in this site nor much information. So what is the guarantee that it will really deliver.

After 4 months, no one may even remember that he never paid Rs. Had ordered a smartphone in 251. Suppose 50 lakh people register for this during this sale, then Rs. According to 250- 250 x 50Lakh = 125 Crore.

Maybe Rs. 251 For whom there is no big cost, but for the company it is a big deal. The company has also said that in this Indian Govt. There is no link far and wide. So do not make the mistake of thinking that you are getting this from the Government of India. What a big company could not do, how a company started 3 months ago can do this. Yes, let’s say tax is done, then all Chinese companies are stupid. If he knew how to make a 3G smartphone so cheaply, he would have made it already. I do not say that this is a scam, but we are not so stupid that we should not think even once before buying something.

After the launch of the phone, many people have tested it and they say that this phone is very good at such a price. Its design is complete with Apple’s iPhone. You can say that this is his copy. All its icons have also been copied from Apple.

If you have to take this smartphone, then before that know something about it.

  1. Now the real thing is that a big problem arose in the site on Thursday.
  2. And if the server of freedom251.com is down, then ring bells told that the site will run again on Friday, this means keep visiting the site.
  3. Ring bells is a very big branded company, I cannot tell but mobile is very cheap.
  4. Still getting any mobile in 251 is a good thing.
  5. This freedom 251 mobile will reach you at your home address within 30 May 2016.
  6. But there is no return policy.

How to order Freedom 251 mobile

The online sale of Freedom 251 is open till February 24, and if you want to buy it then follow it.

1) Open freedom251.com site on your computer or mobile
2) Click on “BUY NOW” button.
3) Rs.40 shipping charges will be added to the Confirmation page.
4) After giving the shipping address, after accepting the “Term and Conditions”, click on the “ORDER NOW” button.
5) After that you will get a confirmation message,
Dear Your Name.

Thank You for placing your order. This is sincerely appreciate your clear understanding that for every unique email id you may register one phone only.
We will ema



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