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Farhan Akhtar again raised questions on the price of the Kovishield vaccine;

Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar has once again raised questions on the rate of the Kovishield vaccine by the Serum Institute of India. They are trolled about this. Many users said that its price is less than a movie ticket.

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in the country. To prevent this, the government has also accelerated the process of vaccination. All people above 18 years of age can get the Corona vaccine from May 1 in the country. Earlier this age was up to 45 years. In the midst of the growing epidemic, the Serum Institute of India released a new list of prices of coviciled vaccine.

According to this new list, Kovishield will be given to the states for 400 rupees, private hospitals for 600 rupees and the center for 150 rupees. Actor Farhan Akhtar objected to the new prices of Kovishield released by the Serum Institute of India. They said that why should not give the Kovishield vaccine to the states and private hospitals only at the rate of the center.

Farhan raised this question

Farhan has questioned the rate list of the Serum Institute of India while sharing the cutting of a newspaper a few hours ago. He wrote, “Despite saying that taking 150 rupees per vaccine is also beneficial. Now we will ask that we will pay more than many countries for this. Serum of India please tell why?”

Look at Farhan Akhtar’s tweet here

More price than many countries

In the news that Farhan has shared, it is written that India is taking the highest price of the Kovishield vaccine at Rs 600. In Saudi Arabia, America, South Africa, Britain and European countries it is half the price. Farhan Khan is trolled about this tweet. Kangana Ranaut has also responded to Farhan’s tweet.

Watch Kangna Ranaut’s reply here

Kangana reacts

Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Other countries are providing raw materials for the vaccine to us, at what price they buy it and at what price, it is according to their economy and population, we throw Many tons of vaccines have been wasted because of propaganda and now America has stopped our raw material. “

See here what the trolls said


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