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FAKE INFORMATION! “People who took the corona vaccine will die in 2 years,” he said

A viral post is circulating on social media. Which has again created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people.

Mumbai: When the whole world got caught up in the corona, strict restrictions like lockdown were imposed in almost all the countries. Masks and social distances were then put on. An atmosphere of fear was created in the minds of the people. The Covid-19 vaccine was later discovered after the efforts of several scientists. Then people were relieved. Vaccines have eased fears, and restrictions in each country have eased.

But now a viral post is circulating on social media. Which has again created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people. The news is that people die within two years of being vaccinated against Covid-19. Also included is a photo of Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier. Which makes people think this news is true.

After reading this viral news, there is a high level of fear among people, especially those who have been vaccinated against corona. But there is nothing true in this information and it is completely fake and fake. The government has also claimed that the news was fake.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has analyzed the news on behalf of the central government. The PIB wrote on its official Twitter handle that the claim about the Covid-19 vaccine was being shared on social media in the name of the French Nobel laureate. But the claim made in the post is false.

The Covid-19 vaccine is completely safe. Do not share any such obscure and false information on WhatsApp or any social media platform. In this viral post, it is written that those who have been vaccinated with corona have a negligible chance of survival. Even if any vibration vaccine is given, death is difficult to prevent.

The PIB has checked the veracity of this and wrote that the claim that people die in 2 years due to corona vaccination is fake. Remember, fake news viruses are just as dangerous. It is believed that the message is being spread to prevent people from getting vaccinated. That is why the government has appealed to the people to get vaccinated without spreading fake news.


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