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Fake coward report racket exposed, 5 arrested including doctor

Coronavirus is spreading widely. Concerns are being raised as the number of corona cases is increasing in the country. (Coronavirus in India)

Mumbai: Coronavirus is spreading on a large scale. Concerns are being raised as the number of corona cases in the country is increasing. (Coronavirus in India) Therefore, the emphasis is on corona testing. However, the campaign against Corona has been hampered by fake reports in some places. The Delhi Police on Friday took action against the people who prepared the fake Covid Report. Five people, including a doctor from Malviya Nagar area, were arrested.

Fake Covid report racket exposed
DCP Atul Bhatia said police received a PCR call on Thursday. Upon further investigation, a fake Covid report was being prepared at the Genstrex Lab in Malviya Nagar. Arrested for giving false reports. South Delhi DCP Atul Bhatia said that the police had arrested Pragyanand and Nihal, Himanshu Sharma, Dr. Manish Kumar Singh, Satendra and Nikhil have been arrested.

That’s what happened
Delhi DCP Atul Bhatia further said that according to caller Vipul Saini, he had given samples of his relatives to Himanshu and Pragyanand Sharma for cold dividing in April. He claimed that on April 25, his acquaintance Rishabh Shukla also gave him a sample and on April 26, his report was positive, but he did not have any symptoms of corona.

The name of the sample giver is not in the record book
On April 28, Rishabh Shukla again gave his sample to the Spice Health Laboratory, where his report came back negative, the police official said. On April 29, Vipul Saini, Himanshu Sharma and Pragyanand went to the Genestress Lab and found that Rishabh Shukla’s cowardly report was not in the lab’s records.

Himanshu then said that he used to collect samples from the house along with his cousin Pragyanand and give them to Manish Kumar Singh, a doctor working there, without including them in the records of the genetic lab. DCP Atul Bhatia said the report was printed on fake documents of the Genstress Lab, which was given to him by a doctor.


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