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Facebook has launched its abandoned feature

Facebook has launched an abandoned feature.

Mumbai: Facebook has launched its abandoned feature. With the help of this feature, Facebook users will be able to transfer their posts and notes to Google Document, Blogger, wordpress.com. Last year, Facebook enabled the feature to transfer photos and videos. Through this, videos and photos could be transferred to Dropbox, GooglePhoto.

“We’ve changed the name of the tool for the convenience of the public,” said Stevie Sutterfield, director of Facebook privacy and public policing. This tool is now called Transfer Your Information. We have developed this tool with people’s safety and privacy in mind. This will require you to enter the password twice before starting the transfer. Data can be transferred in a secure manner.

Users have to go to your Facebook information in Facebook’s settings and click to access this tool. Then you have to select where you want to export. There you will find options like Google dox, WordPress, blogger. It will be transferred after confirmation


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