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Emergency belly landing of an air ambulance flight in Mumbai, all passengers safe

Emergency landing of aircraft in Mumbai

Mumbai: E-air service is also used to help patients. An ambulance was traveling from Nagpur to Hyderabad with the patient, but in the meantime the plane had to be diverted to Mumbai. It is learned that when the plane was about to take off from Nagpur, one of its tires fell to the ground. The plane landed in Mumbai immediately.

The C-90 was flying from Nagpur to Hyderabad. A total of five people, including crew members, a doctor and a patient, were present in the air ambulance. But as soon as the air ambulance left Nagpur, there were some problems. It was found that after taking off from Nagpur airport, a wheel fell down and fell to the ground. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the pilots present on the flight decided to make a Bailey landing. The plane landed safely in Mumbai. The patient has now been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai.

All passengers are safe

All passengers on the flight are reported to be completely safe. Some photographs of the accident have also surfaced, which suggest that if Bailey had not landed, a major accident could have occurred. But the pilots made the right decision at the right time.

A statement from Mumbai Airport has also been issued after the incident. The statement said the air ambulance landed at Mumbai airport at 9:09 pm on Thursday. The required squad was already on standby for the safety of the passengers. CISF, rescue and medical teams were also present at the spot. All passengers were safely evacuated.

There are reports of ‘foam’ being applied on the runway for safe landing. It is said that the air ambulance was also on fire. All precautions had already been taken. The plane also survived the crash and all passengers are safe. But this incident has shocked everyone.


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