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Drugs to eat cake? Drug bakery exposed in Mumbai

Which of us doesn’t like to eat cake? We cut KK for someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary or a good start to someone’s life

Mumbai (Malad): Which of us doesn’t like to eat cake? We cut the cake and celebrate our happiness as someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary or someone’s life as a good start. We also love to eat this cake. But you will be shocked to hear what we are going to tell you. Because the cake you eat can be an intoxicating cake, so be careful now. This cake may contain drugs, as one such type has emerged from the Malad area of ​​Mumbai.

The bakery is called “The Bakes Baker”. In this bakery, drugs were mixed in cakes and sold to high profile people. The Narcotics Control Bureau raided a bakery in Malad area of ​​Mumbai and exposed the drug bakery. The NCB has arrested three people, including a woman, in the case. The accused are Alisten Fernandes and Jagat Chaurasia. He is being investigated by the Narcotics Bureau.

This is the first time a drug racket has been uncovered from a bakery. So who is behind this racket? It is not possible to predict exactly. But it was being sold to someone. Police are currently investigating. So the truth behind this will come to light soon.


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