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Don’t click on any link to watch free IPL

As soon as the lockdown starts, cyber criminals are rampant.

Mumbai: As soon as the lockdown due to corona infection started, cyber criminals started roaming around. Due to the curfew in Maharashtra, the class that does not get essential services is at home. Most of the people are watching the Indian Premier League (IPL). So cyber thieves have turned their attention to these people. Maharashtra Cyber ​​Police has warned the citizens to be vigilant in this regard.

Cyber ​​hackers deceive internet users in the name of giving free live streaming of IPL. A link is offered for that. Cyber ​​hackers are now looking for alternatives as police and experts raise awareness about cybercrime.

The embedded link is sent to internet users through WhatsApp. Clicking on that link is tempting to show free and high definition IPL on OTT platform.

Users go to that link and fill in the details like your name, phone number, email id etc. Subsequent OTPs are also mentioned. This gives hackers access to personal data from your mobile.

Once hackers steal your data, you may have to deal with things like blackmail, sextortion, cyber attacks.

So cyber police have said not to click on any fake and free streaming links.


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