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Does the smartphone hang frequently due to lack of RAM? Then use this trick.

If the phone hangs, do these things immediately and speed up the phone

Mumbai: Most of the time, your phone is very good, but you just start to run out of RAM. This is when the phone hangs and with it many complaints. Today we are going to tell you simple tricks to make your phone run smoothly even if your phone has less RAM. Using these tricks, you can make better use of your phone. So that it will not hang.

Delete unwanted photos and videos from time to time. At the same time, keep clearing running apps in your phone. So the RAM will not fill up much. Blow up unwanted apps from time to time.

Your phone keeps getting updated versions. Sometimes you don’t update as the data will go or the mobile’s RAM will be full. But don’t make this mistake. Keep updating the software from time to time. Update your software by going to Settings> About Phone> software updates.

Most of the time your phone has live wallpaper. So mobile software has to do more work. So the battery of the phone also drains quickly. To avoid this, turn off the live wallpaper option in your phone. Alternatively, go to phone settings and select Build Number in About Phone> Software information. So you will get many options. Change the animation setting there. Set the screen value to 0.5X.

Some people put wedges in their phones. Don’t make that mistake, it can cause your phone to hang. You just need to clear the wedges in your phone. Sometimes some new apps also come in your phone after updating the software. Delete apps you don’t need immediately.


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