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Disaster crisis caused by out-of-control Chinese rockets, a major threat to these countries

China, which has infected the world with the coronavirus, has created another crisis in its craze for space king.

WASHINGTON: China, which has infected the world with the coronavirus epidemic, has added another crisis to its craze for space king. The rocket launched by China is out of control in space and is rapidly approaching the Earth. Scientists fear that the 21-ton rocket could cause a catastrophe if it hits a residential area. However, the US is trying to find a rocket out of control.

Will enter Earth’s atmosphere on May 8?
CNN reports that the Pentagon is searching for China’s unmanned rocket. Mike Howard, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense, said the Chinese Long March 5B rocket will enter Earth’s atmosphere around May 8. He said the US space command was trying to track the rocket so that the threat could be averted to some extent.

Hard to predict accurately
Howard said it’s hard to say exactly where the rocket will go on Earth, but Space Command is tracking it. China launched the Long March 5B rocket on April 29, but lost control after it went into space. (Chinese Long March 5B Rocket) This rocket is feared by scientists to crash anywhere. It took the rocket module and went to the space station. It was supposed to return to Earth after the module was released into fixed orbit, but now China has lost control of it.

Speed ​​increased the risk
Scientists say it is difficult to predict when, on what day and where the rocket will land due to its high speed and ever-changing altitude. However, it is expected to enter Earth’s atmosphere around May 8. According to scientists, most rockets are likely to burn as soon as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. But even a small part of the population can fall into a big crisis.

The rocket could crash here
Jonathan McDowell, a renowned astronomer and aerophysics expert at Howard University, said it was not immediately clear where the rockets would fall. It is traveling at a speed of 18,000 miles per hour and it is very difficult to make an accurate estimate in such a situation. He said part of the rocket is likely to land in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, some scientists say the rocket could land around New York, Madrid or Beijing. It is also expected to collapse south of New Zealand and near Chile.


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