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Did people think this was a cure for the Spanish flu pandemic 100 years ago?

About 100 years ago when epidemics came into the world. Whiskey was then used as a medicine.

Mumbai: Corona is being treated differently on social media. But experts say there are no facts in that treatment. Of all these treatments, the most popular is alcohol. Many people believe that alcohol can cure viruses. But no research or study has confirmed this. There is no scientific evidence that alcohol reduces corona infection. It is different to apply an alcoholic sanitizer on the hands or on any part to prevent corona virus. But alcohol therapy has also been shown to cure some ailments.

About 100 years ago when epidemics came into the world. Whiskey was then used as a medicine. In 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic spread around the world. At that time, people used whiskey to get rid of epidemics. But how much truth is there in this now? To know this, one has to study many cases.

Evidence of this in media reports
On April 4, 1919, the TOI newspaper reported that the demand for whiskey had suddenly increased. Conditions caused by illness and death have also contributed to this increase in demand. It was said that if the sale of whiskey was allowed during the restrictions at that time, it would be used medically.

The report also mentions the benefits of taking whiskey. He said, “Whiskey is not only a stimulant but also a painkiller. Whiskey removes the fears and anxieties of sick people.

People are still surprised that whiskey was used for treatment during the Spanish flu in the United States. But the epidemic did not subside, so whiskey was banned in many US states, making it almost impossible to get whiskey there.

According to some media reports, the ban on whiskey has left some people helpless and helpless. So then the authorities found a way to sell the confiscated illegal liquor from the store.

Some American newspapers had reported that military doctors were recommending the use of whiskey to protect Army personnel from contagious diseases in military camps. In 1918-19, many such news and advertisements were published about the popularity of whiskey and wine.


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