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Dad! Corona-like symptoms were found in a 2-day-old baby, with a feverish tingling sensation

The Second Wave of Corona is spreading across the country. The health system is shaken when a two-day-old baby shows symptoms of a corona-like illness.

Earlier, Darwade contacted pediatricians in Nashik and other districts and exchanged information. In addition, a swab has been sent for investigation. Currently, this child is being treated by Dr. Abhinay Darwade is undergoing treatment at a private hospital and the baby is responding to treatment. Darwade has given. Meanwhile, a pediatrician has observed that corona-affected children in the state have adverse effects on the heart. Therefore, experts are appealing to children who have symptoms of corona to seek immediate medical advice.

The pediatrician in Dhule who is treating this child, Dr. Acting Darwade says, ‘When the baby was brought to us for treatment, he was in a coma. He was having regular seizures. The baby showed corona-like symptoms and decided to test the baby’s corona. His report has not been received yet. He is still receiving proper treatment. Now the baby’s condition is improving. ‘


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