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Dad! A 10 storey building erected in just 28 hours, watch the video

Have you ever thought like that? You may not believe the story but it is true.

China: There is no telling what will happen in this world. People are breaking new records every day. Nowadays, in a very short period of time, some unique things happen that will amaze you. It usually takes two or three years to build a building. But is it possible to build a 10 storey building in just 28 hours? Have you ever thought like that? You may not believe the story but it is true.

This has happened in China. In just 28 hours and 45 minutes, a production company has built a magnificent 10-story building. Currently the making video of this building is going hugely viral on social media. In just 5 minutes you can understand how this video made the whole building.

The company has shared a video of this time lapse on its YouTube page.

According to the company, pre-fabricated construction system technology has been used to construct the building. Earlier, different parts of the building were constructed in one place. After that, the building was constructed by attaching the parts to the place where the building is to be erected. This has made it possible to build such buildings in less time.

This video is getting a good response from people. The company says that this technology will save people’s time in the future.


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