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Dad! 21 patients of Delta variant found in the state; Information of Health Minister Rajesh Tope

The dangerous ‘Delta Plus’ variant has infiltrated the state.

Mumbai: The Corona Delta Plus virus found in India is a global threat. The dangerous ‘Delta Plus’ variant has infiltrated the state. A total of 21 patients of Delta Plus variant have been found in the state. Similarly, the virus has altered itself in such a way that it is doubtful whether drugs and vaccines can affect the corona.

State Health Minister Rajesh Tope has informed that a patient of Delta Plus variant has been found in the state. Rajesh Tope said, “Since May 15, nearly 7,000 samples have been taken and the whole genome has been sequenced, in which 21 patients of Delta Plus variant have been found.”

Delta Plus virus, on the other hand, is also suspected to be effective in coronavirus drugs and vaccines. Delta Plus attacks cells with the help of the spike protein in it. And the virus attacks the immune system. That is why the corona vaccine is doubtful to be effective on the delta. The Delta Plus variant is not affected by the antibody cocktail either.

The Delta variant was first discovered in India in October. The second wave in India is believed to have been caused by the Delta variant. Delta variant patients are currently on the rise in England. Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines protect against the Delta variant, it is claimed.

Coronavirus vaccines are currently being developed for this alpha variant. But the vaccines are not based on the Delta variant. So the delta threat remains.


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