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Cyber ​​hackers look at your account; SBI warns customers by tweeting

Online banking frauds are on the rise in the Corona era.

Online Banking Fraud: Online banking frauds are on the rise in Corona. Cyber ​​thieves have so far stolen money from the accounts of many. Against this backdrop, banks like SBI, PNB, ICICI have alerted their customers.

SBI, the country’s largest bank, has warned its customers. A tweet was made from SBI’s official handler. ‘You don’t get the amount when you scan the QR code. Therefore, no fraudulent QR code should be scanned, ‘the bank said.

Punjab National Bank, a major public sector bank, has warned its customers against fraudulent calls. Cyber ​​thieves can withdraw money from your account with the help of fake calls as well as SMS. Therefore, the bank has advised to be careful.

ICICI Bank, a leading private sector bank, has advised its customers not to share their financial information with anyone.

Under no circumstances tell a stranger CVV, password, OTP


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