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Coronavirus: High risk of white fungus in children Risk of white fungus in corona-free children

Mumbai: The second wave of corona is not over yet and the third wave is coming … Pay special attention to children at such a time … because children are at high risk of white fungus, experts have warned. Corona-free children are at risk of white fungus. Not only that, but it is also said to have a detrimental effect on the heart and brain.

Currently, the spread of black, white and yellow fungus is spreading rapidly. Experts have warned that children born with corona are at high risk of white fungus. White fungus is caused by a bacterium called candidiasis.

These bacteria are more common in young children and women. White fungus attacks the lungs. It also affects the nails, skin, stomach, kidneys, brain, eyes and mouth. People with low immunity are at higher risk. Even newborns are at risk. Blemishes appear on the skin of young children. The tongue was white.

The third wave of corona is endangering young children. So keep your children safe from any infection … give them a diet that will boost their immune system and keep an eye out for any different symptoms.

Experts say that both white and black fungi are found in children, especially when they are treated with steroids. For this, after the corona, the children have to be taken care of as well as their hygiene. The fungus can also be found in the thighs and under the hands, if the baby is bottle-fed, it can also be found on it, the doctor said.


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