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Corona | Maharashtra’s journey towards coronation, how many patients in a day?

This is good news for the state.

Mumbai: This is good news for the state. The state has been witnessing a steady decline in the number of corona patients for the last few weeks. The efforts of the health system seem to be succeeding. In Maharashtra, 9,361 new corona patients have been registered in the last 24 hours. 9 thousand 101 patients have overcome corona. 190 corona patients have died. There are 1 lakh 32 thousand 241 active patients in the state at present. These patients are undergoing treatment. (9 thousand 361 new corona patients found in Maharashtra on 20 June 2021 and 190 died)

How many patients in Mumbai?

The second wave of Corona In Mumbai found more than 10,000 patients. But now that number is down to thousands. In Mumbai, 733 new patients have been registered in a day. So far 650 patients have been discharged. There are now a total of 14,809 active patients in Mumbai. In Mumbai, the cure rate is 95 percent. The rate of corona doubling has reached 726 days.

A large crowd of citizens can be seen at the Vaccination Center. This is likely to be a hotspot for the vaccination center Corona. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has taken a big decision to avoid this danger. From tomorrow, June 21, there will be no vaccination for 18 to 29 year olds in Mumbai. Only citizens over the age of 30 will be vaccinated. Municipal Corporation has taken this decision to avoid crowds.

According to the 249 vaccination centers, 50% of persons above the age of 30 will be vaccinated by walking in and 50% by registering online. There will also be vaccinations for students going abroad at 7 centers
In addition, a second dose of covacin vaccine will be given at some centers. .
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