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Corona Killer: Corona, the fungus will die in the air now; IIT developed the air purifier

This air purifier manufactured by IIT Kanpur and Mumbai

Mumbai: With the second wave of corona across the country, the fungus is now on its head. The possibility of a third wave of corona has also been reported. In this situation, there is a shortage of corona vaccine in the state. (Air Purifier deactivate Corona and Fungus devloed IIT Mumbai and Kapur) Now very heartening news has come out from Mumbai IIT.

Researchers claim that corona viruses and fungi pass through the nose and mouth through air. This is very comforting news from IIT Mumbai. IIT Kanpur and IIT Kanpur have jointly developed an antimicrobial air purifier.

Incubator Earth has developed an air purifier. The organization claims that this purifier can deactivate any kind of germs, viruses, fungi, bacteria. An antimicrobial air purifier has been developed under the supervision of IIT scientists. This purifier frees 600 square feet of air free of viruses and bacteria.

Two options for killing viruses in the air
According to Ravi Kaushik, CEO of Earth Company, the virus is prevalent in the air around patients in the hospital. The question is how to get rid of this virus. There are two options to kill this virus in the air.

The first by using UV light and the second by chemical spray. However, both these options can be used only when the patient is not there. Because both are very harmful to human beings. Therefore, air purifier is a very beneficial option. This purifier is based on three things.

Three important advantages of an air purifier
Air purifiers can deactivate fungi, bacteria and viruses in real time.

The air purifier can be easily used around the patient all the time.


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