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Corona devastated the entire family, killing the parents and child within 13 hours

The state of Coronavirus is in dire straits.

Mumbai: Coronavirus is on the rise in the state. Maharashtra is the first state in the country to have the highest number of patients. Corona has largely got the situation out of hand here. Corona’s thaman is on. The corona has devastated the entire family. A similar shocking incident has taken place in Sangli district. Covid-19 has killed three people in the same family in 13 hours. (Corona: Death three members of the same family)

Corona devastated the whole family
According to a report released today, the incident took place in Shirshi village in Shirala tehsil of Sangli. The whole family was devastated by the corona here. Covid-19 killed three members of the family in 13 hours. Therefore, mourning has spread over Shirshi village. The number of corona patients is increasing day by day in Sangli.

Everyone in the family is trapped in the corona
Sahadeva Zimur, 75, the eldest in the family, was first infected with the corona and was later admitted to a private hospital. A few days later, his wife, Sushila Zhimur, was also caught by Covid. He also had to be hospitalized due to his deteriorating health. This time his son Sachin Zimur who was a software engineer was working in Mumbai. He had gone to Sangli to see his parents. He also contracted corona.

Death of all three members of the family
On reaching Sangli, Sachin Sachin Zimur also contracted coronary heart disease. Tendulkar later admitted himself to the hospital. Thus, all members of the family were hospitalized due to corona infection. Sahadev Zimur and his wife Sushila Zimur later died at the hospital and both died within five hours.

On the other hand, their son Tendulkar also died on Wednesday, just hours after his parents died. Thus, in 13 hours, Coron killed three members of a family. Corona swallowed the whole family.


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