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Corona deaths high in Nashik, online appointment facility for funerals

An outbreak of coronavirus is seen. As the number of corona infections increases, so does the number of deaths. Therefore, concern is being expressed in Nashik.

Nashik: Outbreak of coronavirus is seen in the district. As the number of corona infections increases, so does the number of deaths. So concern is being expressed. Online appointment facility has been made available for funeral in Nashik. Due to the increased number of corpses due to the cowardly condition, the municipality decided to have an online appointment facility. Nashik Municipal Corporation has developed a web application to reduce the inconvenience to the citizens for the funeral rites.

The application www.cremation.nmc.gov.in will also be connected to the e-connect application of Nashik Municipal Corporation. Citizens can use this application to know the current status of the funeral at their nearest Amardham. Relatives of the deceased will be able to book an online slot at Amardham in the section they want for the funeral.

After booking the funeral slot, you will be able to download a message and your booking receipt at that place. This funeral application will be launched from today. There are a total of 90 beds in 27 Amardham in all sections of Nashik city and slots will be booked for the citizens for this application, the municipality said.

The Nashik Municipal Corporation has claimed that this application will help the citizens to get rid of waiting and mental anguish. The nearest Amardham of this application can be found through Google. Corporation’s funeral application will be free for the citizens.


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