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Chief Minister pays homage to Vitthal Rakhumai on the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi

Ba Vitthala, get rid of Corona … such a heartfelt prayer was offered by Veena Kewal and Indubari Kolte couple who have become Mana’s Warkari this year.

Pandharpur: On the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and his wife Rashmi Thackeray performed the official Maha Puja of Shri Vitthal-Rakhumai at Shri Kshetra Pandharpur. The Chief Minister has prayed at Vithuraya Charani that the atmosphere should be created soon.

Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray and Solapur Guardian Minister Dattatraya Bharane were also present at the two-hour long function. Keshav Kolte and his wife Indubai, who have been serving as weavers for the last 20 years, had joined the Mahapuja this year as Manache Warkari. He was felicitated by the Chief Minister

Ba Vitthala, make Corona run away … We have prayed for this. Only Veenakari and Indubari Kolte couple, who have become Mana’s Warakari this year … Today is Ashadi Ekadashi .. But Pandharpur city seems to be suni suni for Warkaris. In fact, every year this area is flooded with Warakaris. But this year, the temple area seems to be numb due to the outbreak of coronation.

After discussions with the administration, the palanquins of saints have set out on foot from Visbavi to Pandharpur. Mana’s palanquin entered Pandharpur one after another. Palkhas are reaching their respective monasteries to the tune of Taal Mridang and Harinama.
This year, the police administration has given a little more leeway to Warkaris than last year. Ten palanquins of honor will soon arrive in Pandharpur. Although there will be no Jallosh like every year, 30 Warkaris have been allowed with each palanquin this year. The police administration has allowed palanquins to be carried on foot from the resting place to the monastery. In addition, 30 Warakaris are allowed to participate with each palanquin. Therefore, a total of 300 Warakaris, 30 each with ten palanquins, will now be able to participate in the Wari. Warakaris have expressed satisfaction over the administration’s decision.


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