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Changes: There will be many changes from today, these 10 big changes will directly affect the pocket

Changes from 1 September: There will be many big changes from September 1 today, which will have a direct impact on your pocket.

Mumbai: Changes from 1 September: From September 1, many big changes are going to take place, which will have a direct impact on your pocket. The rules from EPF to check clearing have changed. In addition, interest on savings accounts has been reduced. But the price of LPG and the price of cars have gone up from today.

  1. Damage if not linked to PF-base
    Starting today, September 1, if your Universal Account Number (UAN) is not linked to your Aadhaar card, the employer will not be able to credit your provident fund (PF) account. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has made it mandatory for EPF account holders to link Aadhaar with a UAN number before September 1, 2021.
  2. LPG cylinders became expensive
    LPG cylinder prices have gone up since September 1. The price of 14.2 kg unsubsidised cylinder has been increased by Rs 25. Earlier, on August 17, the price of LPG cylinders had gone up. The price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has also been increased by Rs 75. Earlier, it had gone up by Rs 68 in August. So far this year, LPG cylinders have gone up by Rs 190.5.
  3. Changes in the check clearing system
    If you have also made a check payment, it is important for you to be aware of this change. You may get in trouble by issuing checks above Rs 50,000 from September 1. In fact, banks have now begun to implement a positive pay system. Most banks will implement PPS from September 1. Axis Bank is launching a positive pay system from next month.
  4. Interest deduction on PNB Savings Account
    Punjab National Bank (PNB) customers will get lower interest on savings account deposits from today. This information is obtained from the official website of the bank. The bank has decided to reduce the interest rate on savings accounts from 3 per cent to 2.90 per cent. The bank’s decision will affect both new and old customers.
  5. 5 year bumper to bumper car insurance mandatory
    From today, it will be mandatory to take 5 years bumper to bumper insurance for new vehicles. Following the decision of the Madras High Court, this insurance will be in addition to the insurance for drivers, passengers and vehicle owners for a period of 5 years. In bumper to bumper insurance, those parts of the vehicle will also be covered. Which insurance companies usually do not cover. This will increase the down payment for new vehicles. That means buying a new car will be expensive.
  6. The car will be expensive
    If you are thinking of buying a car, you will be shocked. The cars of Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest carmaker, have once again become more expensive. Prices of all the company’s models have gone up from today. According to a press release issued by Maruti, the company says that the cost burden on the company has increased significantly in the last one year, so some of this burden will be passed on to consumers in the form of price increases. Prior to Maruti, Tata Motors had also announced price hikes for all its vehicles from September 1. Prices will rise by an average of 0.8 percent. However, prices will be increased differently on different models.


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