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Change in Pakistan’s position on the decision to delete Article 370, a major statement by the Foreign Minister

Why such a big change in Pakistan’s role …?

New Delhi: For the first time since the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan’s role has changed drastically. In a keynote statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi said, “Deleting Article 370 is not a problem. He said Pakistan had never been bothered by this. This is an internal matter of India. But Pakistan has a problem with removing only 35A. (Pakistan Foreign Minister on Article 370)

Qureshi said Pakistan was concerned about 35A. He said Pakistan had already clarified its position in this regard. Qureshi’s remarks came as he left for a visit to Saudi Arabia. He made the statement before leaving for Saudi Arabia. This statement by the Pakistani foreign minister is now being interpreted in many ways.

Pakistan’s U-turn on Article 370

After the deletion of Article 370, Pakistan’s position was against India. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has opposed India’s decision in all international fora, including the United Nations. But at the time, India was arguing that Article 370 was an internal matter of India. Despite this, Pakistan is strongly presenting the issue in international forums. Now, Qureshi’s statement on Article 370 suggests that Pakistan has taken a U-turn. There are reports in Pakistan that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are increasing pressure on Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue. Pakistan’s position on Article 370 is considered to be Saudi pressure.


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