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Centre’s warning … The third wave of corona may come this month; Don’t make any mistakes at all

Corona virus II is now seen to be declining to some extent.

Mumbai: The second wave of corona virus is now seen receding to some extent. But following the Corona rules is binding. Because there are signs of a third wave in the country. According to V. K. Saraswat, a member of the Niti Ayog Commission, we have succeeded in combating the second wave of corona virus. But now it is important to take proper care to get out of the third wave of corona virus.

Young people are more at risk from the third wave of corona. That is being said. Saraswat said pathologists have given a clear indication that a third wave of corona is inevitable in the country. The third wave of corona is expected in September-October. Therefore, it is very important for the country to get vaccinated at a faster pace.

Saraswat further said, ‘So far we have done a good job. As a result, the number of corona patients is declining day by day. Scientific and essential service personnel are being helped, oxygen banks are being set up, industries are being set up to supply large quantities of oxygen, railways, airports and military forces are being used to carry oxygen.

Earlier, more than 4 lakh new corona patients were being registered daily in the country. But now that growing number has slowed. At present, about 1.3 lakh new patients are being registered in the country every day. Moreover, the number of people coming out of the corona has also increased.


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