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Caution … Patient dies in the morning due to corona, money disappears from account in the afternoon … Misuse of fingerprint?

Looking at Corona’s situation, some people are showing humanity without caring for their lives, while people are trying to tarnish this humanity.

Jalna: Looking at the situation of Corona, some people are showing humanity without caring for their lives, whereas people are trying to tarnish this humanity. Some people are so cruel that they don’t even let go of the dead. A shocking news has come out from Jalna in Maharashtra. Listening to the work done by a ward boy from Jalna, you would think how can a person go to such a low level? If a person is stuck in a bad situation, let him help, but if he is doing such a bad deed, should he be called a human being? That is the big question.

The incident took place at Government Kovid Hospital in Jalna. Here a ward boy used the corona patient’s fingerprint after his death and deposited money from the bank account into his own account through the ‘Phone Pay’ app. Police have registered a case and arrested the accused ward boy. It has come to light that the accused has not committed such a crime before. The police are currently investigating the matter.

Patient death during treatment
The deceased was identified as Kachru Pimparale, a resident of Indiranagar in Jalna city. He had a corona test a few days ago. His report was positive, after which he was admitted to District Kovid Hospital. But he died during treatment.

After Pimparale’s death, his relatives noticed that some money was withdrawn from his account. When the bank statement and mobile details were checked, it came to light that Rs 6,800 was withdrawn through Kachru Pimparale’s phone using his fingerprint.

Morning death and afternoon money transfer
Kachru Pimparale died at 6 p.m. But the money in his account was transferred between 1.30 pm and 2 pm. How is this possible? This question came to the minds of his relatives. He then noticed that Pimprale’s mobile phone remained in the hospital.

Ring and money theft charges
After the death of Kachru Pimparale, the ward boy of Kovid Hospital withdrew Rs 6,800 from his account using his fingerprint. Relatives found the evidence. But apart from this, Pimparale had Rs 34,000 in cash and a silver ring, which his relatives have alleged is missing. Relatives have also accused the ward boy of stealing the ring and money. Police are investigating the matter.



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