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The flag is flown differently on Independence Day and Republic Day, find out the difference

There is confusion among many as to what exactly is the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day. Mumbai: Today marks the 74th anniversary of...

Corrupt education officer Vaishali Zankar arrested by ACB

Vaishali Jhankar arrested for Rs 8 lakh bribery Nashik: Nashik's corrupt education officer Vaishali Zankar has been arrested by the ACB. Vaishali Zankar has been...

In Pakistan, an 8-year-old Hindu boy can be sentenced to death

This is the first time in Pakistan that such a minor has been charged with blasphemy. Islamabad: A Hindu temple was vandalized in Pakistan's Punjab...

Indian Railway: Train travel plan suddenly changed? Change the date of travel without canceling the ticket

Sudden change in plan, no problem. A major change in the rules of Indian Railways Mumbai: Indian Railways often makes reservations for trains but suddenly...

School Reopen: The school bell will now ring again, schools in the state will start from this date

Fill the bag and get out! From this date, schools in the state will be bustling again, students will start chirping again in the...

Give this 2 rupee coin and get 5 lakh, find out immediately how and where it is possible

We are saying this because if you have such coins at home, you can earn up to Rs 5 lakh. Mumbai: Many people have a...

Withdrawing money from an ATM will be expensive, the amount to be paid after 5 transactions

Banks will charge a fee after withdrawing more money from an ATM than the limit set by the bank. Mumbai: During the Corona period, some...

Pegasus Spyware: What is Pegasus Spyware? How does this spyware work?

Pegasus spyware is the talk of the town right now. Mumbai: Pegasus spyware is the talk of the town right now. Pegasus spyware created by...
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