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Black fungus | Before seeing this whole world, 3 Chimukals lost their delicate eyes

Chimukalya girls lost their eyes due to black fungus

Mumbai: The second wave of corona infection in the country is weakening, but the risk of black fungus has increased. Black fungus threatens adults as well as children. Three children in Mumbai have had their eyes removed due to black fungus. Eyes Of 3 Children Infected With Black Fungus Removed In Mumbai Doctors have also been alarmed by the discovery of black fungus in young children.

Speaking about the rising number of black fungus, the senior consultant and pediatrician of Fortis Hospital, Dr. The information provided by Jaisal Shah is shocking. Many children in Maharashtra have contracted corona. Corona-free children are at risk of black fungus. The two girls who came to the hospital for treatment were diagnosed with black fungus. The couple’s eye was removed just 48 hours after they arrived at the hospital.

According to Dr. Shah, the black fungus has spread to the nose, eyes and sinuses of young children. Importantly, the black fungus did not reach the children’s brains. After six weeks of treatment, the girls finally had their eyes removed. Eye and Cancer Surgeon Dr. According to Prithesh Shetty, in the second wave of corona, children were found to be more at risk of black fungus. In it, the eyes of two girls were removed.

Girls aged 4, 14 and 16 years infected with the corona virus contracted black fungus. Also, after Corona, it was discovered that both of them had diabetes. A 14-year-old girl’s eye was removed and a black fungus was found in the stomach of a 16-year-old girl.


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