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Big decision of Niranjani Akhada after finding Corona patient in Kumbh Mela

New Delhi: The Haridwar Kumbh Mela is likely to end soon. Niranjani Akhada has announced the end of Kumbh Mela. He will be out of Kumbh Mela in two days. Mahant Ravindra Puri of Niranjani Akhada has taken this decision considering the increasing prevalence of corona. The Haridwar Kumbh Mela of Niranjani Akhada will conclude on April 17.

Other akhadas have also been requested to end the meet. Mahamandleshwar Kapil Dev of Nirvani Akhada died due to corona yesterday.

At the site of the Aquarius festival, 1,700 people were infected with the corona. This was followed by criticism from all over the country. Therefore, Niranjani Akhada has announced the end of Kumbh Mela. Corona infection has increased
In India, the situation is exacerbated by the corona virus. New cases are growing rapidly. On Thursday, 2 lakh new cases were reported across the country in the last hour. As many as 1.85 new cases were registered on Wednesday (April 14).

Infected 199620 people in 24 hours
According to the Times of India, 1,99,620 people have been infected with the corona virus in the last 24 hours. 1037 people died during this period. Since then, the number of corona infections in India has risen to 1 crore 40 lakh 70 thousand 300 and 1 lakh 73 thousand 152 people have died.

About 2 lakh cases have been reported in India. 10 days ago, 1 lakh people were registered in the country every day. In other words, the daily number of infections has reached 1 lakh to 2 lakh in just ten days.


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