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Big decision! Free condom distribution to 5th grade school students

Schools have been instructed to distribute free condoms to students from class 5 onwards.

Mumbai: Most of the schools in many countries are closed due to Corona. However, a number of schools have been started in the United States. Meanwhile, after the start of school, the Chicago administration has made a big decision about sex education. As per the decision, schools have been directed to distribute free condoms to students from class V onwards.

The decision was taken as a solution to the growing sexually transmitted disease and unsafe pregnancy in school children. The Chicago administration has asked the school to distribute free condoms to students over the age of 10. The decision was made by the Chicago Public School Board of Education. The Board of Education had decided the new education policy in December 2020. However, due to the corona, it was implemented in July 2021.

Meanwhile, after the announcement of these new rules, people’s anger on social media seems to have increased. People are questioning this policy. The parents of the children are calling it shameful. Research by research institutes in the United States has revealed that school children also have sexually transmitted diseases and unsafe pregnancies.

Taking this report seriously, it was decided to take immediate measures in education policy. Accordingly, it was decided to distribute condoms among the students so that the children would not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, there would be no risk of serious diseases like HIV and unsafe pregnancies at an early age.

Criticism from social media
On the one hand, this decision is appreciated and criticized. Many people react angrily on social media. The decision is being discussed not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world.


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