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Big Breaking: Narayan Rane to be arrested? The squad was dispatched after the crime was reported

Narayan Rane will have a good case

Nashik: Union Minister Narayan Rane, who made provocative statements about Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, is likely to get expensive. Crimes have been registered in Mahad and Nashik over Rane’s statement. Rane’s statement is serious and Nashik police has ordered to arrest him and produce him before the court. After that, a team of Nashik police has left for Rane’s arrest. Rane’s Janashirwad Yatra is currently in Konkan. His journey will begin in Chiplun today. That’s where they are likely to be arrested.

Police have registered a case against Narayan Rane after Yuvasena activists lodged a complaint against him. Nashik Police Commissioner has directed to arrest Narayan Rane.

Poster campaign against Narayan Rane
Also in Mumbai, posters were hurled against Narayan Rane. Shiv Sena put up a poster against Union Minister Narayan Rane in Dadar as ‘Chicken Thief’. But in just an hour, the Mumbai police have removed the posters. Anyway, the photo of this poster has gone viral on social media. (Shiv Sena’s poster campaign against Narayan Rane saying ‘chicken thief’)

Narayan Rane’s tongue slipped
Union Minister Narayan Rane’s tongue slipped while criticizing Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. He has made a controversial statement to put Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in the corner. Narayan Rane has criticized whether they have the right to speak, keep a secretary aside and then speak with information.

‘They don’t know who their advice is. What will they advise us? What doctor are they? Where did the sound of the third wave come from? And she but the little ones? Don’t speak like an omen. How many years have passed since the country got independence? What is the Diamond Festival? If I had, I would have put it under my ear. Shouldn’t you know about the country’s Independence Day? ‘Rane has targeted the Chief Minister.

After becoming a Union Minister, Narayan Rane has targeted the Chief Minister and Shiv Sena from the first day of Jana Aashirwad Yatra. Narayan Rane’s controversial statement is a sign of new controversy.



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