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Ben Circuits help patients to regenerate and increase oxygen saturation

This kit requires about fifty percent less oxygen to the patient

Jalgaon: Against the backdrop of increasing number of corona patients and oxygen shortage, Dr. Uday Patil of Sanjeevan Hospital in Jalgaon has developed a system called Ben Circuit. They claim that this kit reduces the oxygen consumption of the patient by about fifty percent and also helps in increasing the oxygen saturation of the patient. So far, the kit has been used on many coronary artery patients in his hospital and has benefited many patients.

Oxygen shortages are also a major cause of coronary heart disease. With Oxygen Shortage everywhere, it seems that everyone is running towards oxygen production or availability.

Dr. Jalgaon. Uday Patil has created a system called Ben Circuit. Through this, half of the total oxygen required by the patient is used and this helps in saving oxygen.

This circuit also causes the patient to have oxygen saturation. Dr. Uday Patil himself has been using this system in his hospital for 8 days.

Dr. Uday Patil is an anesthesiologist himself. After corona, he came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis Ben circuit. This circuit saves a lot of oxygen and using the rest of the oxygen to other needy patients also helps to save their lives. Also the cost of this ben circuit is very low so patients can afford it more. Dr. Uday Patil has informed that both the hospital and the patient are saving money.

A young woman from Madhya Pradesh is undergoing treatment through the same circuit and has been in the hospital since last month. I have been treated in many places but it has not made any difference but I feel very good after coming to this place. And I’m sure I’ll be fine, “said Meenakshi Rathore, a corona positive.

With the help of the Ben circuit, they have proven that the patient’s saturation level is increased in half the usual amount of oxygen. This can now be a boon to the Ben circuit for quality treatment using the least amount of oxygen.

Dr. Uday Patil is of the opinion that if this circuit is used in hospitals, we can definitely overcome the shortage of oxygen. So far, the circuit has been used on five patients at Sanjeevan Hospital and their condition has improved, according to relatives of the patients.


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