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Bell Bottom Movie Review – The Times of India 2021

Bell Bottom UA

15 Feb, 2019Kannada 2 hrs 10 minsDrama

Get ready to go back to the 80’s and hop onto a roller-coaster spy ride, #BELLBOTTOM. Releasing on 27th July, 2021.

Language: Kannada

Cast: Rishab Shetty, Hariprriya, Pramod Shetty

Director: Jayathirtha

Rishab Shetty is on a roll. After directing two blockbusters, Kirik Party and Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai, he’s back on the big screen as a swashbuckling detective. Director Jayathirtha, in Bell Bottom, makes his lead smoke pipes when he wants to show what Detective Divakar (Rishab) thinks of himself – a man who likes to be respected in his small town for the kind of skills he possesses. It’s also a sign of seniority that he assumes in the town for being a cut above the rest. Beneath the trench coat and the hat he wears, there’s an air of arrogance too. He feels he’s too big to serve as a constable for the local police station. It’s indeed true, but he’s also the sort of person who’d fall into a 15-feet pit when he gets overwhelmed with joy.

Divakar is funny and clever, and most importantly, he’s developed this personality by reading countless detective novels and watching movies of the same genre. Goa Dalli CID 999, the famous Rajkumar starrer which is inspired by the James Bond series, makes an appearance as a big influencer on Divakar’s developing mind. When he’s not smoking cigarettes, or pipes, he’s seen munching on carrots. It’s a character quirk that stands tall amongst his other indulgences, for there’s a scene where a bunch of blind mendicants identifies him just by the sound he makes while eating carrots.

Sandalwood sees both Rishab Shetty and Jayathirtha as names that are associated with films that promise good content. So, when the duo teamed up for a film, the expectations were obviously higher. Bell Bottom is a crime thriller with a comical undertone that is set in the 80s. And the final product entertains, which serves the purpose.

The story is about how Divakara, a detective at heart, ends up taking on the biggest case in his area. The case makes him meet multiple characters, which include some quirky criminals, and he even finds love in the gutsy and playful Kusuma, who is a bootlegger selling hooch in the area. With so many characters that prove to be suspects and a case that seems impossible to solve at times, Divakara has a lot to deal with.

The retro feel to the film, right from the visuals, background score and costumes is a highlight. The dialogues, with relevant references of pop events and idols around that era, are a treat too. The casting is spot on. Rishab leads the pack with a performance that is noteworthy. Hariprriya delivers yet another solid act, showing why she is considered as one of the most versatile actresses around right now. Pramod Shetty, PD Sathish Chandra and Sujay Shastry also stand out.

Bell Bottom is one of the finer films to have hit the screens lately. The film is entertaining, no doubt. But what is more commendable is the fact that it has those little nuances that ensure the imagery to the time that the film is set in remain intact. Bell Bottom is worth that weekend trip to the cinema halls for its laughs and clever writing.


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