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Be careful! This is how the fraud started under the name of Omaicron

With the increasing incidence of coronary heart disease, there is a growing risk of fraud. Now cybercriminals are harassing citizens under the name of Omaicron.


Mumbai: Cyber ​​crime has increased significantly during the Corona era. Cyber ​​attackers have now started deceiving people under the name of Corona’s Omycron type. In these cases, the Home Ministry (MHA) has issued a guideline on cyber crime. Cases of new strains are increasing rapidly in the country. In such cases, cyber thugs are deceiving people under the guise of free trial of the Omycron type.

Be careful! This is how the fraud started under the name of Omaicron

A notification has been issued by the Cyber ​​and Information Security Department of the Home Ministry. It says, ‘Cyber ​​security is being neglected due to focus on health crisis. This is what cyber criminals are taking advantage of. Cybercriminals are always trying new ways to ensnare people. Nowadays cyber crimes regarding Omicron type are increasing rapidly. Given the situation, cybercriminals have resorted to various tactics to deceive innocent people.

The Home Ministry further said that Omaykron sends emails related to the RTPCR test. It contains links and files that steal people’s data. According to the ministry, the public is being deceived using the names of public and private health services. By clicking on the link provided for the RT-PCR test, people are taken to a fake website created by the scammers, which is similar to a government / private health care website.

Cybercriminals obtain people’s personal information and bank details and defraud people. The government has advised people to check the domain name and URL to know if the website is fake. Any such incident is appealed to report on cybercrime.gov.in portal.


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