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Attack on US President Joe Biden with tight security, video

Whoever attacked Biden without looking at the security guards, can’t believe it. Watch the video

Mumbai: US President Joe Biden was attacked while security was tight for him. This courage is not from a well person but from an insect. He attacked Joe Biden, hurling security. During the foreign tour, the worm attacked them and caused a single sensation.

Joe Biden was attacked on his neck by a worm while on his first foreign tour. The incident happened while talking to Air Force officials. The worm landed on Biden’s neck, ignoring all security guards. Biden immediately removed it from his neck. Then he touched his neck again. The incident has been captured on camera and its video is rapidly going viral on social media.

President Biden was hit in the neck with a cicada while chatting with a uniformed military officer before boarding Air Force One for a week-long tour of western Europe https://t.co/eWdBtK8jN2 pic.twitter.com/6wFGMxsLgN

This video has become a topic of discussion on social media. He also instructed the media present there to beware of cicada worms.

Biden was on his way to the United Kingdom for his first foreign tour. Journalists were also present at the time. Meanwhile, a journalist’s plane was targeted by worms. So Joe Biden was attacked by a worm on his neck. This caused the flight to be delayed by 7 hours.

Importantly, these insects had entered the aircraft’s engine. Washington is one of the areas in the United States that suffers the most from cicada insects. Cicada insects have gradually infiltrated 15 states in the United States.


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