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Are you in a toxic relationship? Here are 5 signs of a toxic relationship

Not everyone has the same relationship.

Mumbai: Not everyone has the same relationship. Moreover, if we keep in mind that we want to be like him, the relationship becomes strained. Sometimes we are blinded by the love of the wrong person. After that, the relationship becomes a burden. In such a situation it is very important to maintain the relationship. You love the person in front of you, but the person in front of you has no value. Such a relationship is called Toxic Relationship.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Moreover, rushing to each other’s aid is a sign of a good relationship. This makes the relationship stronger. If so, your partner is most happy with the success you have had. Moreover, this success is not only for them alone but also for both of them. This should be remembered forever.

So in some relationships, there is a spouse who is not happy to see the success of the other. Even in good or simple things, if we find fault with each other, the relationship will not last long. Such a relationship is called toxic. So, if such thoughts change, sweetness will definitely be created in the relationship.

There are some people who think that your spouse should be in control of you. But it is very wrong to do so. To assert one’s authority over the work front. One thing to keep in mind in a relationship is that your spouse also has a mind and emotions.

The most important thing is respect for each other. People who control their partners do not know the meaning of the word respect. It’s just a simple short word for them. Not respecting your mate can have a detrimental effect on your relationship


If your partner is not in good spirits, he will always be in trouble. Your money will be spent like water. When you are in a live-in, you will have to face such problems permanently


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