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Air pollution and physical exercise:

when to do more or less : march 30-3-2021

source european society

summery physical activity is important in preventing heart and blood vessele disease in young people so long as they undertake very strenuous activity on days when air pollution level are high, according to a nationwide study of nearly 1.5 million people published in the european heart jounral.

until now ,little has been know about the trades offs between the health benefits of the physical activitiy taking place outdoor and the potentially harmfull effects of air pollution. previous research by the outdoors of the current study has investigated the qestions in middle aged people At as single point in time , but this is the first time that it has been investigated in people aged between 20 to 39 years over a period of saveral years. in addition, the research wanted to see what happens when people increase or decrease their physical activity over time.

The research from seoul national university collage of medical(south korea). lead by proefssor sangmin park, looked at information from the national health insurance service (NHIS) in south korea for 1,469,972 young koreans living in kites who underwent two consecutive health examinations during to screening periods: 2019/ 2010 and 2011/2012.they followed of the participants from january 2013 december 2018.

At each health chekup-the participants completed a questionnaire asking about their physical activity in the past seven days and this information was converted into units of metabolic equivalent was converted into units of metabolic equivalent task, MET, minutes per week (MAT-mins-week) the participents were divided into four groups:0,1-499,500-999 and 1000 or more MET-mins/ week .european socity of cardiology guidelness recommed people shuold try to do 500-999 MAT mins/week and this can be achieved by form a for example, running , cycling or hiking for 15-30 minuets few times a week,brisk walking, doubles tennis or slow cycling for 30-60 minutes few times a week

dr Seong Rae kim, first auther of the paper, side:’ we found that in young adults aged 20-39 years old, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as strocke and heart attack, increased as the amount of physical activity decreasad between the two screening periods in the group with low levels of exposure to year pollution.


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