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After watching the video, you will definitely call this police “a strong salute

People go to safer places to escape the rain and storms and try to save their lives.

Mumbai: While the country is trying to recover from the corona virus crisis, Cyclone Toutke has hit India. The storm has caused a lot of damage in many places. Many videos during this storm have gone viral through social media and social media. Some of these videos are heartbreaking. Some people have survived by a few seconds, while trees or walls have collapsed in some places. A video is going viral on social media, in which a police officer is standing and carrying out his duties despite the rain and storm.

But the sincerity with which the police have performed their duty in this time of crisis is commendable.

In the video you can see how these police officers are doing their duty in torrential rains and gusts of wind. They don’t care about your life at all. He is just doing Seva Dharma.

The video won people’s hearts
This video has won the hearts of many people. The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Police Service Officer Deepanshu Kabra. While sharing the video, he wrote in the caption, “No matter how many catastrophes, storms and hurricanes, he is always on duty #khakhahi” which means, no matter how many storms or crises come, but Khaki is always firm on his duty. He also shared #khakhahi. People are enjoying this video.

This video has received over 75 views so far. After watching the video, users have praised the police as well as the entire police department. See what people have commented on.


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