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After taking the vaccine, the problem started … This shocking problem came up

It is common to see some side effects after taking the corona vaccine.

Mumbai: It is common to see some side effects after taking corona vaccine. Meanwhile, the Corona vaccine from AstraZeneca-Oxford also causes neurological disorders in some people. According to the news agency, this problem related to the nervous system is called Guillain-Barr सि syndrome.

Through two different studies, this problem has been seen in 11 people so far. Of these, 7 cases are from India and the remaining 4 cases are from Nottingham, UK. All of them had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca 10-22 days before the onset of the problem. In India, the vaccine is being given under the name Covishield.

The problem with Guillain-Barrंड syndrome is that the body’s immune system mistakenly affects certain parts of the nervous system. These nerves are outside the brain and spinal cord.

Both of these studies, published in the journal Annals of Neurology, are clear on Gillian-Berry syndrome. According to studies, this is a rare type of problem in which mainly the facial nerves are weakened.

Researchers have found that most people experience this problem within two weeks of the first dose of the vaccine. All 7 had symptoms of Guilin-Berry syndrome. According to the study, this problem is found to weaken both sides of people’s faces.

Guillain-Barr सि syndrome is a neurological problem. Initially the body becomes weak. The facial muscles become weak and tingling occurs in the arms and legs. In some people, it can even cause irregular heartbeats. It can also cause paralysis when it spreads throughout the body.


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