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After 71 years the lost village was found, the remains found under the lake

Village Curon lost 71 years ago has been found. People are amazed at this.

Mumbai: Nowadays, Resia Lake in Italy has become a topic of discussion among the people. The lake is famous for its 14th century underwater church. However, at this moment the lost village (Village Curon) has been found here. People are amazed at this.

Lake Resia is in the alpine region of Tyrol. It is one of the most famous artificial lakes in the country. Its water is icy and in the center there is a 14th century church tower. A place called Tyrol is on the border of Austria and Switzerland. According to the report, repair work began several years later. At that time the water of the lake was reduced and the lake was temporarily dried. This time some people got to see pictures of the submerged village. Lake Resia is also known in German as Reschensi.

According to the BBC, there was a village called Curon in front of the lake in 1950. Many people lived in this village. The government built a dam 71 years ago to build a hydroelectric plant, merging two lakes into one large lake. A large pond was built by combining two small cliffs.

The discussion started after the village was found submerged in the lake. As many as 160 houses and caves were found in the village. The name of this village, which appeared decades later in this lake in Italy, is Kuron. In 1950, a power project was set up in the village. At the same time, the village was flooded. The village was completely destroyed.

Water was being diverted from a lake near the Italian border with Austria and Switzerland to repair a reservoir. The village appeared after the lake dried up. The village has 60 houses. An early 14th-century church tower came out of the water. Later, as the water level began to recede, caves and walls began to appear in the village at the bottom of the lake.

One woman who lives here tweeted that walking through the ruins of old houses was a different experience. This part is very popular for hikers. The gruesome picture of the village has gone viral on social media through them. Another Twitter user said it was the remains of a village called Kuron. This village was submerged many decades ago. The remains have now been excavated from Resia Lake in Italy.


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