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Actually shocking crime from 2 actresses while working in Sawdhan India

Crime Patrol and Savdhan India, which run in India
Two actresses in the series have been arrested by police.

Mumbai: Police have arrested two actresses in Crime Patrol and Sawdhan India series in India. Both the actresses were out of work during the lockdown and suffered from eating disorders. This led them to decide to steal as cleverly as the accused in their series. But in the end, even in real life, his trick failed and he was caught by the police.

On May 18, he stole Rs 3 lakh 28 thousand from a friend in Goregaon. In fact, the 18-year-olds had gone to stay as paying guests in a flat in a posh society called Royal Palm in Aarey Colony in Goregaon. There was already a paying guest staying there. The two fled after stealing money from her locker.

As the two were already under suspicion, another paying guest lodged a complaint against them with the police. When questioned by the police, they were not ready to admit their guilt. But he has pleaded guilty after police showed him CCTV footage.

Explaining the reason behind the theft, he told the police that he took this step as he was suffering from lockdown. The actresses are Surabhi Srivastava and Mohsin Sheikh. According to police, the duo has worked in several web series including Crime Patrol and Savdhan India.

Rs 50,000 has been seized from them so far and they will be kept in police custody till June 23.


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