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A small test, at home in 5 minutes, after which you will know how many antibodies are in your body after vaccination?

These fusion proteins quickly detect whether or not antibodies are present in the bloodstream.

Mumbai: A new way has come up to find out if your body has produced antibodies after getting vaccinated. This includes a blood test, which will give accurate information about the amount of antibodies. You do not need to do much for this. Just pierce the finger lightly and put two drops of blood on the test card. This test card was recently invented by scientists in which fusion proteins are mixed.

These fusion proteins quickly detect whether or not antibodies are present in the bloodstream. In fact, these antibodies are very small particles that are formed when a viral infection is detected. Antibody proteins are ready to fight the virus.

The result of this test is obtained in less than 5 minutes. You can easily check it at home. If you have taken the corona vaccine from this test, you know how effective it is and how many antibodies are made in the body from it. This test card is made by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. This test can also be done by people who have not been vaccinated. But he had previously had a corona infection.

This will tell you how many antibodies are being produced in the body to fight against the corona virus. Antibodies are also detected by the ELISA test but it takes several hours to get the result. So the result of this card test comes in 5 minutes. If the levels of antibodies are low, they can take a booster dose.

There may be some people who are not affected by the vaccine. Such people need antibody testing. So that they can understand whether or not antibodies are working in their body.

Medical experts are of the opinion that it is not very important to perform antibody tests and that such antibody tests are not reliable. Antibody tests can tell if a person has previously been infected with the corona virus, and how much it affects the body.

So it may be that if antibodies to the corona virus are found in the test, people will not get the corona vaccine. Which can make this situation dangerous in the future.

That is not to say that immunity is guaranteed once the body’s levels of antibodies are known. This is because there are many elements in the body that provide antibody-like protection. The body has many natural immunity that works in illness. B cells and T cells come in this list. Whenever there is a viral or bacterial infection in the body, B cells and T cells work together to fight against it.


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